Black Beacon Books

The Second Black Beacon Book of Mystery (The Black Beacon Books of Mystery), by Cameron Trost | Dave Duncan | Karen Keeley | Josh Pachter | Edward Lodi | F. K. Restrepo | E. E. King | Yvonne Ventresca | Maggie King | Joseph S. Walker
The Black Beacon Books of Horror, by Cameron Trost | David Turnbull | David Schembri | Kev Harrison | Matthew R. Davis | Sam Dawson | Elizabeth Broadbent | Meg Belviso | Greg Chapman | C. C. Adams
Dark Reflections: Stories Influenced by the Masters of Dark Literature, by Paul Kane
Flicker, by Cameron Trost
The Black Beacon Book of Mystery (The Black Beacon Books of Mystery), by Cameron Trost | David Tallerman | Josh Pachter | Duncan Richardson | M. H. Norris | John Floyd | Kurt Newton | Robert Lupton | Paulene Turner | Mike Adamson
Letterbox, by Cameron Trost
Oscar Tremont: Investigator of the Strange and Inexplicable (Oscar Tremont - Short Mysteries Book 1), by Cameron Trost
A Hint of Hitchcock: Stories Inspired by the Master of Suspense, by Cameron Trost | Josh Pachter | Rebecca Demarest | Joseph Walker | Paulene Turner | Jason Fischer | Elizabeth Elwood | David Carroll | Roger Johns | Andy Rausch
The Tunnel Runner, by Cameron Trost
Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales, by Cameron Trost
The Animal Inside: A Collection of Strange Tales, by Cameron Trost
Courage (Fortitude and Courage: Steampunk Adventure Book 2) (English Edition), by Karen Bayly
Fortitude (Fortitude and Courage: Steampunk Adventure Book 1) (English Edition), by Karen Bayly
Tales from the Ruins: A Post-Apocalyptic Anthology, by Cameron Trost | Claire Davon | Karen Bayly | Kurt Newton | David Turnbull | Michael Picco | Mark Towse | Joseph Walker | Claire Fitzpatrick | Louise Zedda-Sampson
Murder and Machinery: Tales of Technological Terror and Mechanical Madness, by Cameron Trost | Paulene Turner | Michael Picco | Sarah Justice | Karen Bayly | Kurt Newton | James Dorr | Linda Brucesmith | Chisto Healy | Danielle Birch
Shelter from the Storm: An Anthology, by Cameron Trost | Stuart Olver | Claire Fitzpatrick | Danielle Birch | Pym Schaare | Mark McAuliffe | Jeremy Hayes
Lighthouses: An Anthology of Dark Tales, by Cameron Trost | Greg Chapman | Duncan Richardson | Mark McAuliffe | Danielle Birch | Matthew Wilson | B. Michael Radburn | Linda Brucesmith | David Dolan | Alice Godwin
Subtropical Suspense: 16 Scorching Tales of Mystery and Mayhem, by Alice Godwin